The zodiac was introduced to Japan from ancient China. The zodiac counts “years” to represent Jupiter’s location (position in the sky) during its orbit of one rotation around the sun every 12 years. 12 different animals symbolize each year sequentially, and it is repeated in a 12 year cycle. In Japan, the zodiac is called Eto, and at the beginning of the year we consider the good meanings associated with each animal for the year. 2019 is the year of the boar. Incidentally, the artist Nishi Yuu was born in the year of the money .   



















 “YES ~You are good (boar) just how you are~”

* 亥 (boar) and S (the infinity symbol ∞) combine to make the word YES. Light and dark. YES and NO. By taking the contrasting world as “YES,” everything (the universe) is born.The left and right sides of the infinity symbol ∞ represent past and future. Combining them results in “今” (the present). As your heart beats the “今” (present) moves. God took Mary, who gave birth to Jesus (also pronounced IESU in Japanese), as a model, and she is represented in the universe (sky) with the moon as a boar’s tusk, having the “tsuki (moon/stab) advance” through the sky. The flowers are anemone. This word comes from the Greek word for “wind,” and these flowers symbolize “I love you,” “truth,” and “faith.” Right now (今 present or 亥ま boar) you are feeling good 亥い (boar)! Keep that feeling (意 feeling or 亥 boar) going.

* In Japanese “亥” is pronounced I. “YES” is pronounced IESU. The I from 亥 combines with the phonetic spelling of ESU from S to make IESU.





戌が吠える「ワン!」は 数字のONE(ワン)。

『すべてはひとつ』という意味をもつ、 ONENESS(ワンネス)。





あるがままを受け入れると. 光と影は統合し愛の玉になります。



“ONENESS (WAN-ness) ~You are me. I am you~”

The dog’s cry of “*WAN!” is the numeral ONE. The meaning of “All is one” is contained in ONENESS (WAN-ness). You are me, and I am you. On the chest of Amenominakanushi, who is said to be the god of the originating heart of the universe, a single orb shows both light and shadow (yin and yang). By accepting truth, the light and the shadow become one, and it becomes an orb of love. The origin of all things is the love itself that is born from the universe. You are a lovable and perfect entity exactly as you are.

 * In Japanese dogs say, “WAN!” when they woof. That WAN and ONE have the same pronunciation.



想いどーりの人生。 どーり(通り)と鳥(トリ)をかけました。

孔雀は、地球に実在する鳳凰と言われ、 富や愛と美、繁栄のスタート、 邪気を払う益鳥と言われます。

そして一面に咲き誇るのは 〝幸福が飛んでくる〟 といわれる胡蝶蘭。

孔雀の背中に乗っているのは、 天照大神(太陽の神様)です。

太陽は自ら光を放ち、 みんなを照らしてくれています。

あなたの笑顔があなた自身を光らせ、 すべてを照らし、未来までも照らしていきます。

“All goes as planned (bird)”

A life that goes as planned. * 通り (DORI, as planned) and 鳥(TORI, bird) are combined. The peacock is said to be the realization of the phoenix on Earth, and this bird is said to bring in richness, love, beauty, and prosperity while clearing away misfortune. The flowers in glorious full bloom are phalaenopsis aphrodite, which are said to “bring happiness.” Riding atop the peacock’s back is Amaterasu Oomikami (the Sun Goddess). The sun is always casting light, and it is always shining on all of us. Your smile casts light on you, shines on everything, and will keep on shining into the future. 

* In Japanese “鳥” (bird) is pronounced TORI. In the phrase SUBETEHA OMOI DORI (all goes as planned), the DORI and TORI overlap.




申の本尊でもある大日如来さまが 「たくさんの良縁に恵まれますよ!」と、 両手で大きな丸。



松は神が宿るといわれ、 そんな松が流星のように 上へと昇って行く様を描きました。

あなたは「神」の宇の中に 「申」がいることに気付いていましたか?

“Good Monkey(Fate) Best Luck~Joyful~”

* 猿 (monkey) and 縁 (fate) are combined. ** Dainichi Nyorai, who is even worshipped by monkeys, says “be blessed with many good monkeys!” as he makes a large circle with both arms. Dainichi Nyorai controls the universe. All fate is inevitably drawn in from the universe. Pine tree are said to be dwellings for gods, and these pines are drawn to appear to reach up like meteors. Have you ever noticed that in the character for god (神) there is the character for monkey (申)?

* In the Japanese on-reading, “猿” (monkey) is pronounced EN. “縁” (fate) is also pronounced as EN. ** In the zodiac, monkey is written using the “申” character.






お花を運んでいる方は弥勒菩薩様。 弥勒様は「理想の未来」を司るお方です。

お花が満開に咲き誇るような 理想的な未来がやって来ますように。

 “Future Bloom”

* A sheep (未) is coming (来). This represents the word, “future” (未来). The sheep’s body made of blooming plum blossoms. The person carrying the flowers is ** Maitreya Bodhisattva. Maitreya is the one who controls the “ideal future.” I hope for an ideal future to come like flowers in full bloom. This piece represents the zodiac sheep who makes such a wish.

* The Japanese kun-reading of the “未” character is sheep, and the “来” character means to come. “未来” is read as MIRAI in Japanese, and it means future.

** Maitreya Bodhisattva is a bodhisattva that will mercifully save all living things on earth on Buddha’s behalf 5.77 billion years after Buddha’s death.



「午」に乗っているのは、 琵琶を弾く弁財天様です。


何事も「午(うま)空(そら)いく」 ~うまくいきますように。

雨上がりの七色の虹の上を 午に乗った弁財天が駆けて行く様を描きました。

“午空いく~UMAKUIKU~ (go smoothly)”

Benzaiten plays the biwa (Chinese lute) while riding a “uma” (horse). Benzaiten is the god of learning and the arts. Everything will “* (UMA) (KUU) IKU” (go smoothly). May everything go smoothly. I drew Benzaiten riding a horse and galloping in the sky over a seven colored rainbow after the rain has lifted.

 * In Japanese “” is pronounced UMA, while the on-yomi pronunciation of “” is KUU. Combining these yields the play on words UMA()KUU()-IKU, or “go smoothly.”