西 ゆう /nishi yuu

1980年 北九州市生まれ。在住。双子。

幼少時代、母が新聞紙に入っているチラシからウサギやリスの形にハサミでたくさん切って作ってくれて、それにマジックで目をひたすら描いていました。 ただの紙が目を描くだけで命が吹き込まれるようなその時のシビれる感動を今でも鮮明に覚えています。

2008年からイラストレーター西Yuu.として活動。 由緒あるお寺や神社のお仕事をさせていただきました。 2012年にYuu.designstudioを設立。 2014年名前を「西ゆう」に改名。


その夏に親しい作家さんから紹介された「アミ 小さな宇宙人」の本と出会い、全ての価値観や意識が変わりました。

幼少時代は自分のことを宇宙人だと根拠もなく思っていた私。 2017年3月20日から始まった宇宙元年。 ワクワクすることを続けていきます。

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Lives in Kitakyushu, Japan. The younger sister of a twin. Brought up single-handedly by her mother since young.

Her mother used to cut out many shapes of rabbits and squirrels for her using a pair of scissors. She could feel life breathed into the rabbits and squirrels the moment she drew eyes on them with a marker.

That experience was so shocking that it was just like being struck by lightning. That was the start to the artist life of the young her.

In 2009, she started to draw gods and Buddha after drawing a statue of Buddha belonging to a historic temple which sparked her interest in the spiritual world.

She uses Photoshop and Illustrator as her main method of drawing, masks the texture of Washi paper and erases it off to let the drawing take form. Scraping off the unnecessary to make it its original form is just like expressing enlightenment.

In 2015, she was able to experience a connection with the universe in Miyazaki. She recalled how she couldn’t help but be amazed by the shape of her ears and toes when she was young, having a feeling of strangeness by only humans among all living things, and groundlessly thought that she was an alien.

Last year, she witnessed a sphere floating in the sky as she looked out her office window.

She chanced upon the book, ’Ami: Child of the Stars’ by Enrique Barrios, which changed her values and stereotypes, and started to hold an interest in the universe.

What she wants to convey is that when humans return to their original self, it increases intuition and inspiration, and we will remember the purpose of why we were being born on Earth. All living things are connected to one another and others will guide you by sending you a message that only you will understand. The past, the present and the future all exist here. All origins are love produced from light.

She who imagines and expresses all of that is also a form of art created from the universe.

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